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    or the F○uture and Students ●Internship, a◆ccording to◆ Haosheng.Par◆t of the p

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    rogra●m applications would■ allow Indonesian s●tudents to under■take vocational?/p> Explore More

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    ?trainings ●in Beijing and Hua●wei headqu●arters in She◆nzhen.The ●seven Indon

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esi◆an state colleges c●onstituted in Hua〓wei's SmartGe■n program ●were University o■f Indonesia (UI),◆ Bandung Institut●e

nessed by

C○hinese Ambass

of Technology● (ITB), Gadjah ●Mada University● (UGM), Telkom 〓University (Tel U■), Diponegoro Univ◆ersity (UNDIP), Padj○adja

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ran Univers○ity (UNPAD)● and Sepulu●h November Insti■tute of Technology◆ (ITS).Huawe●i has went through ●more than 16 year?/p> Xie■ Feng


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林甸县中学 锦州市中学 深泽县中学 全南县小学 龙游县中学 平阳县中学 阿拉善盟小学 锦州市小学 临海市中学 围场满族蒙古族自治县小学 凌海市小学 九台市小学 金坛市小学 绥芬河市小学 太原市小学 北宁市中学 延庆县中学 文水县小学 颍上县中学 闵行区中学